Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Many firsts....

Uhhm, Idk what to put here. I have never been a guest on anyone's anything before. Forgiveness please?

Well anywho, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Peep, or at least that is some part of my persona across the web. I like tea, pizza, and most things that immature 21 year olds like. I'm a Transexual FTM, and I love everyone and simultaneously hate everything! Though my birth name is different, I'd like to encourage people whom I've just met to begin addressing me as Jack. c:

I 've been drawing forever, however I only started digital artwork around July of last year. I made a very stupid mistake, I attempted to learn how to draw on photoshop without any instruction what so ever. I began with painting on to a canvas and cutting layers to suite my needs. I advertised off of a (at the time) not well known website known as Tinierme.

These little things are actually quite fun to make, even though the process is confusing and overly complicated at times. It's alot like making a 3d puzzle.I haven't made many of these things at all, less than ten in fact. But I saw drastic improvements after I made each of these.

After a week or two, it started to get very old very fast. I wanted to be able to draw all of the neat things I saw on Pixiv and devart, but alas I was limited to a mouse, so I had to be crafty about how I drew since straight lines weren't possible. 
I heard of a little program called Paint.net, a paint program that allows transparency. This would allow me to use the pentool to create pixelated lines. 

However since I was still having a hard time adjusting to a digital canvas I drew over scanned art instead. The results sucked. :/ 

A month later I started drawing on my own with the help of drawing skeletal lines, and I was better for it.

But you can only do so much with a program like Paint.net. It has limited functionality, it's pngs are of poor quality, god forbid you attempt to resize or color something in.

So I went back to photoshop. 
Without the use of a tablet things were very hard to accomplish. I required patience and perseverance which is something I lack due to a combination of ADD and insomnia. So I went back to Photoshop.

By now I was familiar with photoshop, unlike before where I flailed and had no idea what anything was or how it worked. Even now I am still learning as Photoshop is a complex editing software not really intended to be used to draw.

I experimented with the pentool, creating fat faced ugly chibis. Usually I would blend old unfinished products from Paint.net with the less detailed photoshop art for a different effect. The lines in Paint.net were much more refined at the time.

I take much of my inspiration from music, movies, games. Artists like Hamletmachine, Okumiiya, Getsome, FlyingMilkPig, Aerineth, and tsulala. But mostly I get my inspiration from this person, she badgers me to stop being lazy and draw more. 

I stopped emphasizing on the lines as much. I had always had a horrible difficulty with colors. For some reason, nothing ever looked right. So I started looking more at color. I started noticing that even without crazy lines and details, things looked better in color.

But I am very discouraged. I would like to make money off of my art, but no one seems to appreciate it as much as most of the fanart on the web. That makes me sad. I have been completely unable to get commission work outside of family and friends. :c 

I take commissions still, my information can be found at my Deviantart page
Hope to hear from you. c:

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